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About Us

Your partner in developing skills of the future

With extensive workshops that help to introduce you to the VR world and custom VR solutions we can help you transform your learning and development programs.

We have created a multiplayer solution that has delivered great results for our customers and we’re continuing to work on XR solutions.

Meet our Team

From experienced coaches and trainers to technology enthusiasts, Mission One is led by proven executives with decades of experience.

Andrzej Domański

Co-founder, Trainer and Consultant

As a consultant, he specializes in the area of sales. His main interests are key customer management and personal development - emotional intelligence and mindfulness. He has completed many consulting projects in the area of research and HR consulting.

Sławomir Błaszczak

Co-founder, Leadership expert & serial entrepreneur

Experienced Partner with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. He is responsible for the strategy, product development, and new development directions of 4results - one of the key learning and development companies in Poland. He has an experience as a manager, trainer, coach, mentor, and lecturer.

Jakub Wyrobek

Co-founder, CTO and XR consultant

Technology enthusiast in charge of Extended Reality projects. His daily endeavor is to develop the best solutions using cutting-edge technologies. He is focused on keeping businesses up to date with the latest technologies and designing XR products that deliver desired results.

Maciej Trybulec

Co-founder, Trainer and Consultant

A specialist in the area of leadership skills and development. He teaches the art of public speaking. He helps clients with building their charisma by pursuing business goals and gaining satisfaction from their leadership style.

Markus Baltzer


A charismatic leader who believes in enjoyable yet impactful work driven by shared values. With a knack for integrating diverse ideas he achieved remarkable results across leadership levels. Open-minded and creative he prioritizes people's development and sustainability. Currently, he is the CEO of Bayer in Central Eastern Europe, he leads the regional pharmaceutical business, and serves as President of the Polish-German Chamber of Industry, emphasizing both personal growth and win-win solutions.

Ada Lewandowska

Trainer, Project Manager

She built her business experience over 14 years, working in large multinational corporations in the medical industry at the interface of Sales and HR. As a manager of the L&D department, she supported the development of the organization, her colleagues, as well as her own.
She complemented her coaching competencies with a number of courses, including Business Coach and Trainer at Ark Skills Corp, CoachWise coaching school and "Train up Retail Excellence Trainer Upskilling Path". She is also a consultant for the Disc D3 diagnostic tool.

Grzegorz Mucha

Partner, Coach

Certified trainer and coach with more than 9 years experience. He worked with various international organizations such as Payzone, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal as well renowned banks and retail chains in Europe.
He specializes in orgnizational culture implementation projects as well as preparing managers for further development. As a coach and trainer he delivers top quality training in the area of entrepreneurship, coaching skills, innovation, effectiveness and continuous development based on leveraging the potential of strengths. He is passionate about people and new technologies.

Maciej Robakiewicz


Trainer, Coach, Actor - a graduate of the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz, as well as the TROP School of Trainers, TROP School of Coaches. As a coach, I always draw inspiration from the world of art from which I come. I believe that as the world around us changes, the way we communicate is rapidly changing. Only a complete focus on people, an absolute belief in meaning and a total focus on the people I am speaking to will give a chance for real impact. I call this "100% Communication." I co-created and spread the philosophy of "Don't grieve" as an important leadership tool.

We’ve partnered
with great companies
to deliver an exceptional
learning experience

A leading company specializing in training, development of competencies, and skills management. They implement efficiency improvement programs and new strategies for companies while adhering to the rules of the “I take responsibility” culture.

A company that helps businesses gain a competitive advantage with AR / VR technology and software development. They offer full-stack solutions and software development services at the highest quality, on all existing platforms and devices.

A modern university educating future engineers. Their offer includes faculties such as technical informatics, architecture, and urban planning or automation and electronics.


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