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Margo Worldwide is an organization that optimizes the internal and external processes of companies. It is a group of specialists in the field of logistics, operating on international markets. By fostering a culture of effective and efficient communication, Margo Worldwide achieves a higher level of precision, enabling optimization not only within its own processes but also throughout its clientele’s operations.

Establishing a transparent information flow within the company plays a pivotal role in promptly detecting operational delays or errors, thus enabling employees to respond swiftly and implement enhancements. However, the journey towards providing effective communication training encountered a notable hurdle: maintaining participants’ engagement. Often, the absorbed information would fade into the background shortly after, posing a challenge. Additionally, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application proved to be a complex endeavor.


Leveraging the power and innovation of virtual reality (VR),, Margo Worldwide turned to Mission One to use their solution in order to conduct soft skills and fluent communication training in their organization. This partnership harnessed the fusion of comprehensive training methodologies with the immersive virtual realm, affording participants the invaluable opportunity to put theory into practical action. Notably, this approach garnered significantly superior outcomes compared to conventional training methods, eliciting high levels of contentment among employees who took part in these sessions.

“The biggest advantage of using VR technology in training is the ability to transform the traditional learning process into a unique, interactive, and engaging experience that positively affects the training results and efficiency in acquiring new skills.”

Ela Łasak, Coach and Trainer at Margo Worldwide.

Margo Worldwide representatives have received the necessary certification to be able to conduct regular training for employees without having to arrange meetings with Mission One experts.

“The implementation of the project went very smoothly. Margo Worldwide is a mature organization determined to develop, which is why our cooperation was a pleasure for us.”

Sławomir Błaszczak, Co-founder and Leadership Expert at Mission One.

Collaborating within small groups offers participants a dual advantage: a deeper understanding of fellow team members and insights into their individual behavioral patterns and requirements. This knowledge, when addressed effectively, translates to heightened productivity and a more comfortable work environment. It can therefore be assumed that the use of VR will not only increase the level of their competence but will also help the company in the area of ​​wellbeing.


The organization’s objectives have undergone a pronounced clarification, ushering in a notable escalation in communication dynamics. This enhanced communication extends seamlessly between various departments, fostering improved collaboration. Employees absorb knowledge much faster and are also more willing to provide feedback. They are engaged during training and find it much easier to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios.

“Employees are positively surprised by the form of the workshop. They expected another “boring” lecture. Despite earlier announcements of the training, they did not fully believe that it would actually be in such an engaging, exciting form”

Agata Dzikowska, Coach and Trainer at Margo Worldwide.

For Margo Worldwide’s employees, the training was not only a way to absorb information more effectively, but also a break from everyday life and regular work. As a result, people are now relying less on uncertain guesswork when making decisions. Instead, they’re increasingly using solid knowledge to guide their actions.