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The Mission One team had the pleasure of participating in the OEB Conference in Berlin on November 22-24. Our main goal was to establish new connections, engage in active discussions with professionals, and share our passion and vision for the future of the learning process.

During the event, we aimed to showcase how the use of VR technology can accelerate the learning process, enabling the development of key skills and traits essential in a dynamic team working environment. Our VR simulations not only enhance leadership competencies but also refine teamwork and effective communication skills.

Meeting with entrepreneurs from all over the world in Berlin was a fascinating experience for us. We were able to share our expertise and, at the same time, listen to interesting presentations on innovations in education and business. We are excited to have been part of this inspiring event that provided new perspectives on the development of educational technologies.

We are deeply intrigued by the potential for further innovations in the VR world. We believe that our work can contribute to shaping the future of the learning process and enhancing the professional skills of leaders and teams across various industries. Thanks to OEB in Berlin, we gained valuable insights for the development of our mission.