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Mobica Limited Sp. z o. o. is a British IT organization that has been on the market for over 17 years and has several departments in Poland (including those in Łódź, Warsaw, Szczecin, Rzeszów and Bydgoszcz). The company is formed of world-famous software architects, project managers and engineers. It provides consultancy services related to the software and product life cycle – from conception, right the way through to implementation and testing.


There had recently been a number of promotions at the company, which resulted in the appointment of new managers. These individuals are high-class specialists and programmers who were new to people management. Their task was to raise their self-awareness of managerial competencies and support their teams in understanding which areas they should focus on when it comes to their own development.


4Results recommended using a solution, which would clearly reflect what management style and method of communication is most suited to given managers. The exercise was based on using an immersive experience which would give each participant food for thought and encourage self-development. This exercise was in the form of an VR simulation provided by Mission One – a particularly attractive solution for a workplace operating with new technologies.

“Mission One is a new 4Results simulation that uses VR-based missions which take place on submarine or helicopter. These develop participlants’ soft skills. The role of every team member is critical for success. The experience is based on real missions carried out by David Marquet, which he wrote about in his book titled: ‘Turn the ship around’.

Andrzej Domański, a partner of 4Results

The management team took part in a 2-day VR simulation at the company headquarters. During the training, they learned about teamwork and communication in the context of completing a demanding task which they ha to solve together. Thanks to VR, teams could feel like they were on the deck of a nuclear submarine. They could also support castaways to survive and escape hostile waters, helping them from a virtual helicopter.

“The simulation showed me how important communication is when working together as a team and also how we all behave during stressful situations. I learned a lot about my own reactions to such events too.”

Michał Paszta, Competence Center Manager, Mobica


Members of the team were able to evaluate their methods of communication and decide what elements they need to improve. The managers also gained a better understanding of the personal competencies that they needed to develop. The VR program resulted in a series of one-to-one meetings between HR and IT managers, where they defined individual development plans. Furthermore, the team had a great opportunity to integrate while taking part in the project.

“The Mission One simulation allowed us to improve the level of leaders’ self-awareness from both an individual and company-wide perspective. Thanks to the partnership with 4Results we continue implementing individual plans to develop leadership competencies based on a visionary approach to team management and the enforcement of strategic priorities. Mission One was the first step of a teaching process, which was crucial in showing us what we need to do next in our leadership journey.”

Sebastian Kniaź, Head of People Development, Mobica